What if:

Your organization’s information needs were part of a powerful automated
system; that provides you with the information you need how and when you
need it?

You had the ability to access this information through intuitive easy to use
software; software that you felt comfortable with in only a matter of days?

The software worked seamlessly with other popular applications and devices,
streamlining your processes, improving accuracy, saving you time and
reducing your costs?

Your software worked in concert with the operations of your organization?

You answered yes, then you have MasterTrak?
General Features:

All applications are menu driven.

All applications operate in a true object oriented
environment with drill-down capabilities.

Extensive edit checking is provided to assure that the
operator is entering the appropriate data.

Record scan and lookup capabilities are used wherever

All functions are integrated to allow for the entry of data
in a single spot.

Standardized user interface to allow for operator cross
training between applications.

On-line help is provided, both to describe the data fields
and to provide operational procedures.

Interface with Spreadsheets(Excel®) and Word
Processing (Word®). Ttransferring the entire system as
well as each application/process may be password
controlled to provide security.

The user can control the output of reports by changing
the record selection criteria and sort order.

All transaction data is kept at the detail level, with
procedures for summarizing provided where appropriate.

Transactions are entered and processed by User Batch.

Notes saved on processed transactions.

Report Generator capability.

Ability to store reports on disk.

Ability to email reports directly.

User-friendly with pure graphical user interface (gui)

Integrate custom programs with standard application
without losing upgrade capability.

Interfaces with Microsoft Jet/SQL Data base.

Interface directly with Microsoft Office®.

All Applications integrate with each other,
MasterTrak accounting applications and other
third-party accounting software.

Stand-alone or multi-user environment.

Server- Windows 7®, NT®, or Linux®
Client - Windows 7, Vista, XP®
MRA Software