Accounts Receivable

The MasterTrak Accounts Receivable application provides a tool to enable the management and control of customer billing and payments.  This application allows
the user to issue invoices to the customer, receive payments against these invoices and to issue statements and payment reminders enabling  the efficient
management of cash flow.
The Accounts Receivable application tracks invoices from the time they first are issued until they are completely paid.  Each invoice may be assigned payment
terms to determine the desired customer payment schedule to be used.  Credit and debit memos may be applied to specific invoices as required.  The operator may
review the Customer invoice status using  and an on-screen display of all customer invoices.

General Capabilities:

   Invoice/Statement printing,           User defined aging periods            Cash flow analysis
   Link to General Ledger                 Detailed invoice transactions,        Multiple ship to/bill to addresses
   Link to Job Cost                          Miscellaneous customers              Direct cash receipts w/o invoice
   Recurring billing                          Supports retention                        Time & Material Billing
   Service Crew Scheduling             Maintenance Agreements

Master Files and Transaction Entry

   Customer Master                        Payment Terms                           Customer Types, Areas
   Contracts                                  Service Crews                              Maintenance Agreements
   Service Orders                           Service Types/Status                    Customer Invoices Batches
   Cash Receipt Batches                 Adjustment Batches


   Customer Aging
   Customer Invoice Aging
   Transaction Aging
   Customer Invoice History
   Customer Invoices/Statements
   MTD G/L Distribution
   Service Invoices