MRA Software has been in the computer software business since 1975.  Originally with the name Management Resource Associates (MRA), we
provided mainframe software operating on the IBM 370™ series computer system and developed software to operate on some of the first
microcomputers.  In 1978, a relationship began with Wang Laboratories™ as an independent software vendor.  This relationship lasted until
Wang Laboratories exited the computer hardware market.  MRA also acted as a VAR for Digital Equipment Corporation™ and first installed
application software on a Novell ™network in 1985 using Microsoft DOS.  

MRA began development of the suite of programs to be known as MasterTrak© in 1978.  The first applications were developed for the Wang
2200 computer system.  A rewrite of some of the specialty applications continued through out the 1980’s.  Some of the applications, including
Customer Service, Job Costing and Manufacturing, were rewritten for the Wang VS operating system.  The current version of the MasterTrak
suite of programs was written for the Microsoft Windows platform in 1995 and updated through our most recent version in 2011.  

Current Status

As a Microsoft Independent Software Vendor, MRA Software has developed MasterTrak, a completely integrated accounting software package.
The software is designed to handle both commercial and fund accounting requirements.  MasterTrak is an integrated suite of programming
applications that can be used by Manufacturers, Contractors, Distributors, Government and Not for Profit organizations.  MasterTrak
applications are multi-user, operating on a Novell, Linux or Windows network platform and using the current version of Microsoft Windows™ on
the client.  All applications are fully integrated and operate seamlessly with Microsoft Office products such as Excel™ and Word™.

Services Provided

The following services are provided to our client base:

•        Application Software        •        Installation Support        •       Data Conversion
•        Operator Training            •        Systems consultation     •       Custom programming
•        Telephone support          •        On site support              •       Remote Support
MRA Software