Job Costing
The MasterTrak© Job Cost application provides the Contractor and Manufacturer s system for accumulating all costs related to jobs that have been established.  A
complete audit trail is maintained using a detail record for each job cost transaction by fiscal month and year.  Each accounting application generates job cost
distributions based upon the type of transaction being processed.   These distributions are flagged by the source application and the type of originating transaction.  
Job Cost activity can be reported by Job, Cost Category (i.e. Phase, Item, Class) and by source application, source transaction type and individual cost/billing
The Job Cost application maintains master files to store demographic and budget data related to each job.  The information that is stored includes such data as
customer, description of work, address, labor rate package, job completion status, and retention to be held.

General Capabilities

   Reporting by Job                            Reporting by Cost Category               Reporting by Job detail transaction
   Budgeting by category                    Multiple phases and items                  Type Charges(labor, material, etc.)
   Demographic date                           Retention by job                               Original Contract/Change Orders
   Include committed Costs                 Apply Percent Complete        

Master Files and Transaction Entry

   Job Master                                      Phases, Items, Classes                    Cost Category
   Cost Burden Rates                           Cost Adjustment Batches                 Cost Entry Batches
   Job Billing/Receipts Adjustments        Job Cost Clearance                         Percent Completion


   Job Summary
   Job Cost Category
   Job Detail
   Over-Under Billing
   Job Cash Flow
   Bond Reporting
   Job Statements
   Work in Process