The MasterTrak© Purchasing Control application is designed to provide the Contractor, Distributor and Manufacturer with a powerful tool to manage and control
the purchasing process and costs related to material and services used in the operation of the business.  The application allows for entry of Purchase Orders, the
receipt of these orders and the entry of invoices against the orders.  Purchase Orders may be issued against a Job, for replenishment of inventory and for the
acquisition of services.  Blanket and Lot price Purchase Orders are supported.
In association with the MasterTrak Inventory application, the Purchase Order application is barcode enabled to allow for the use of a portable reader or readers to
assist in the receipt of Purchase Order items.

General Capabilities

  Pricing, part no’s by Vendor          Print Purchase Orders                   Reorder calculations
  PO Generation                              On Order by Part, Vendor             Partial receipt and invoicing
  Linked to Job Cost                        Work Order processing to PO        Blanket Purchase Orders
  Blanket Orders                              Confirming Orders                        Lot Price Orders
  Receipt by Serial No                      Requests for Quotes                     Direct Fax of PO to Vendor

Master Files and Transaction Entry

  Purchase Orders                           Purchase Order Status                    Ship Via
  Work Order Requisitions                Purchase Order Receipts                Purchase Order Invoicing


  Purchase Orders
  Open Purchase Orders
  Purchase Order Control
  Open Parts Orders
  Vendor Performance
  Request for Quotes