The MasterTrak© accounting software package is designed to operate with Microsoft Exchange Server™ and is a completely integrated system that may be used
by contractors, manufacturers and distributors for the data-gathering and reporting needs of these organizations.  Using the various applications included the
management team will be provided with current and summary data to enable the efficient operation of the business.  In addition, the software will provide
assistance in accomplishing many of the tasks that are required to be performed on a regular basis.  The applications required depend upon the information and
operational needs of the organization.  In summary, the software provides the following general features:

Major Capabilities and Functions provided:

General Ledger  
    Financial statements                   Detail transactions                          Multiple budgets
    Allocations                                Divisions and Departments              Supports Fund Accounting
    Post future and prior

Accounts Payable
    Check printing                          User defined aging periods               Cash flow analysis
    Link to General Ledger              Miscellaneous vendors                     Direct cash disbursements
    Link to Job Cost                       Detailed invoice transactions,           Multiple vendor remit to
    Recurring vendor invoices         Subcontract management                 Supports Retention

Accounts Receivable
    Invoice/Statement printing,         User defined aging periods              Cash flow analysis
    Link to General Ledger               Detailed invoice transactions,          Multiple ship to/bill to addresses
    Link to Job Cost                        Miscellaneous customers                Direct cash receipts w/o invoice
    Recurring billing                        Supports retention                          Time & Material Billing
    Service Crew Scheduling           Maintenance Agreements

Job Costing
    Reporting by Job                      Reporting by Cost Category            Reporting by detail transaction
    Budgeting by category               Multiple phases and items               Type Charges(labor, material, etc.)
    Demographic date                     Retention by job                            Original Contract/Change Orders

Inventory Control
    Bar code enabled                       Product/Vendor records                 Multiple warehouses
    Average, Last and Std Cost        Reorder point and quantity              Detail transactions by part
    Allows for Serialized parts          Linked to Job Cost                

Purchase Control
    Pricing, part no’s by Vendor        Print Purchase Orders                   Reorder calculations
    PO Generation                           Open Order by Part, Vendor           Partial receipt and invoicing
    Linked to Job Cost                     Work Order processing to PO         Blanket Purchase Orders
    Direct Fax of Purchase Orders

Customer Service/Order Entry
    Open Order processing                Multiple shipments per order         Multiple ship to addresses
    Contract, special pricing               Debit/credit invoices                    Linked to Inventory, A/R
    Picking/Packing lists                    Bills of Lading                             Open orders by customer
    Open orders by product               EDI Interface                                                        

    Bill of Materials                           Multilevel BOM Processing            Multilevel costing
    Shop Order processing                Multiple releases to WIP                Material Requirements Planning
    Production Planning                    BOM supports Labor/Equip, etc.

    Unlimited earnings categories        Multiple rates                               Package rates by job
    Unlimited deductions                    Employer contributions                 Job burden rates
    Tax Tables for Federal/State         Print Checks                                History by Employee, Check
    Link to Job Cost                          Non tax earnings supported           Print W-2’s

Membership Tracking
    Maintains Troop/Group stats.       Adult/Girl Demographic Data        Annual Membership statistics
    Integrates with GSUSA files         Girl/Adult labels                          Troop/Area/Service Unit statistics
    Troop Rosters                            Grade/Ethnic/Disability statistics    Individual/Parent Employer stats.
    School District Data                    Meeting place, date and time.        Individual Leadership positions

Training/Certification Tracking
    Course Descriptions                    Course Locations                        Course Sessions
    Track course enrollment              Individual Transcript                    Enrollment Confirmations
    Course Cost Invoice                   Registrant Balance due                  Enrollment statistics
    Training session rosters               Integrates with Member files

Program/Camp Tracking
    Event Programs                          Resident/Day Camp                     Troop/Group Camping
    Enrollment rosters                       Enrollment Confirmations            Balance Due report
    Event/Camp Invoice                    Bus Scheduling/Roster                 Integrate with Member files
Product Sales Tracking
    Product related fund raising        Troop Orders                               Invoice/Cash receipt transactions
    Product order history                 Troop/Area/Service Unit reports     Troop Receivables maintained
    Incentives                                 Handles up to 3 different sales        Integrates with Member files

Fund Raising/Gift Tracking
    Entry of contributions                Printing of gift receipts                 Acknowledgment letters
    Multiple Contributor Codes         Multiple Gift Categories                 Contributor giving history
    Contributor pledges                   Matching gifts                              Integrates with Member files
    Employee Data                          Contributor/Gift Notes                  Enables Premiums

    On Line Counter Sales               Multiple shipments per order          Backorder processing
    Multiple payment Methods         Debit/credit invoices                      Linked to Inventory, A/R
    Picking/Packing lists                 Cash Drawer Interface                  Order History Maintained
    Credit Card Interface                 Sales by products                         EDI Interface                                        

General Features of MasterTrak
•        All applications are menu driven
•        All applications operate in a true object oriented environment with drill-down capabilities.
•        Extensive edit checking is provided to assure that the operator is entering the appropriate data.
•        Record scan and lookup capabilities are used wherever applicable.
•        All functions are integrated to allow for the entry of data  in a single spot.
•        User interface is standardized to allow for operator cross training between applications.
•        On-line help is provided, both to describe the data fields and to provide operational procedures
•        Interface with Spreadsheets(Excel™) and Word Processing (Word™)Transferring
•        The entire system as well as each application/process may be password controlled to provide security
•        The user can control the output of reports by changing the record selection criteria.
•        All transaction data is kept at the detail level, with procedures for summarizing provided where appropriate.
•        All transactions are entered and processed by User Batch

Various reporting capabilities are built into the MasterTrak© software.  Most reports and lists provide the capability to:
•        Direct the output to preview or selected printers
•        Enter selection criteria to limit the records being printed
•        choose detail or summary presentation
•        Assign a subheading note to print on report
•        Print summary totals only
•        Direct interface to Excel
•        Print the selection criteria used on the report
•        Each User can save selection criteria as default